maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2007


Photo Copyrights by S.Beilliard, J .Pipo, Winston Smith

maanantai 13. elokuuta 2007

Super Caravelle Home Cockpit Project

Project started in the beginning of 2007 by getting photos of a Caravelle cockpit in Helsinki Aviation Museum. Then we made a wooden model and continued to talk over our wifes to get some financial support instead of wasting all our hard erned money for endless family needs. After all flying is more important anyway...and a lots of fun too!

When we had measured some of the instruments we started to construct the throttle quadrant first. The midlle part is allmost ready now. Pedestal cover is also raw cut, but needs a lot of work before it fits the construction. We have also made a coloured paper print of the overhead panel and ordered plenty of small stuff and seeked ebay to get some old stuff like gauges.
By good luck we have succeeded to get an ex-DC9 HSI which looks pretty much the same as in CRVL. So we will fit that to main panel.

Heart of the system will be a mixiture of Opencockpits and Simkits parts. System works with FS2004.